I can safely say that THERMOHOUSE is the BEST company that I have used.

“As a company, we’re not new to Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF). We’ve used other brands in the past and done a lot of research into ICF. With that in mind, I not only found the product great, but the team of installers and management made my day to day life a lot less stressful than it could have been. Aside from the product itself, I also found the build time and minimal disruption to the neighbors a massive benefit. I look forward to working with Thermohouse again soon.”

I would have NO HESITATION in recommending Thermohouse to any of our clients

“I have worked as a Consultant Engineer with Thermohouse over several projects, both in the UK and in Ireland, and continue to do so.  This building system’s versatility and flexibility allows for almost any architectural design, and the speed of construction is always impressive. Furthermore, the nature of the system allows for an extremely energy efficient building to be created. From both Engineering and Design perspectives, as well as the overall cost effectiveness, I would have no hesitation in recommending Thermohouse to any of our clients.”

Signed: Matt Clarke BSc(hons) MSc MCIOB C.Build E FCABE MIEI

Chartered Building Engineer

Chartered Construction Manager

Registered Building Surveyor

On behalf of Teicniuil-Priory Consulting Engineers Ltd

I can summarise it in two words “it works” and to borrow a popular phrase “it does what it says on the tin”

“I have personally designed dwellings and extensions for clients using the Thermohouse system and have used it for an extension to my own home.

In my opinion, the Thermohouse building system ticks all the boxes.

Firstly, it’s an all-in-one product, which means an entire building can be composed of Thermohouse elements.

Secondly, the structural concrete shell translates into a robust and airtight building envelope.

Thirdly, from a professional perspective, the building elements can be very easily installed, in fact I refer to the system as ‘Lego for adults’!

Fourthly, if you use trained installers there’s very little waste involved.

Moreover, it makes my life easier from a certification point of view.  I found the system versatile to use, so the aesthetics of the building don’t need to be sacrificed.  In some respects it offers some very interesting capabilities that are much easier to achieve than ‘conventional’ building methods.

As an designer, it’s important to me that my designs are not only appealing to the eye but functional too. When I specify a building system for my client, energy efficiency is high on my list of priorities. The Thermohouse system allows me to provide my clients with the design they want, accompanied with a superb level of performance. I have used Thermohouse products in a variety of applications, from a terrace of three houses, bungalows, and extensions.

From my experience of living in a Thermohouse construction, the system delivers on its promises. The extension I built has a floor area of approximately 39m2  with a vaulted ceiling 4m in height giving a total volume of approximately  120m3.  The room is fitted with a wood burning stove and underfloor heating.  Since moving into the property the underfloor heating in the extension has never been used due to the energy efficiency of the construction.  (The stove easily heats the room to 23-25 degrees in a very short period of time)

I used the Thermohouse system for the entire extension – walls, roof and underfloor insulation and continued the underfloor insulation into the original bungalow as well so as to provide a uniform degree of insulation throughout.   The Thermoboards for the underfloor insulation are formed in such a way as to facilitate the installation of underfloor heating pipes and are extremely easy to use, so much so, that the entire heating pipework for the extension and the bungalow (a combined area of over 120m2 (1300ft2))was fitted in under five hours in seven different zones.

Having used the Thermohouse system for the extension in my own home I can state that it provides a very comfortable living environment and is very energy efficient without any compromise on the design. I can summarise it in two words “it works” and to borrow a popular phrase “it does what it says on the tin”.”

We would have no problem in RECOMMENDING THERMOHOUSE to clients and other design professionals as an INNOVATIVE system for construction.

“We are Structural Engineers generally working in the domestic sector.  We have worked with Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) on a number of projects with a variety of different systems in the past but we have found the Thermohouse system to be the most complete package as it can incorporate a floor system and roof component.  We have now dealt with two projects using the Thermohouse system and have found it to be very simple to design.  The flooring system allows for concrete topping over the polystyrene former which creates a robust connections with the walls and the polystyrene roof components have cold rolled steelworks embedded with them to span between supports with a variety of finishes.  We have also found both the Thermohouse office and site staff teams have been very helpful with a professional approach.”

We would like to extend our gratitude to everyone at THERMOHOUSE for the HIGH quality service that they have provided us with

“We have approached them in relation to one of our projects where their roof system was a vital component in the overall design of the build. They started with a site survey and an examination of the design drawings followed by the delivery of the product itself on time and without complication. When required, the technical and business development teams at Thermohouse were always happy to help and assist with any questions that we had in relation to the installation of the roof system.

We would STRONGLY RECOMMEND Thermohouse to everyone who is willing to work with reliable people and is seeking an outstanding insulation system for the house.”

We could immediately see the potential of the Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) from Thermohouse

“We first came across Thermohouse at Ecobuild in early 2012. We could immediately see the potential of the Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) system that had been developed by Thermohouse. We therefore quickly followed up this initial helpful conversation with a Technical Representative by attending a site visit to see two large private houses that were under construction in Warwickshire. This visit provided a very useful insight into the capabilities and limitations of the complete system and the methodologies to be adopted during construction to ensure a successful build. On the basis of this visit we started a dialogue with Thermohouse and our Architect relating to a new house we were intending to build in Kent. Following completion of another project we then undertook the groundworks element including retaining structures and the reinforced concrete basement slab. The Thermohouse team subsequently came to site in late 2013 and built the complete three storey (one floor level mostly underground) ICF box including pitched roof in 8 weeks with the minimum of fuss. This house is nearing completion and we are looking forward to minimal running costs accruing from the ICF system combined with an air source heat pump and MVHR installation. We have had lots of visitors during construction and many have commented on the benefits of the Thermohouse ICF system to the extent that they have been keen to use it themselves in the future.

We were so pleased with the result that we are currently undertaking another larger project using the Thermohouse system. This two storey house also includes a large basement construction due to restricted planning conditions on the ridge height. In this instance we have left the reinforced concrete ground bearing slab and waterproofing elements within the ICF package to be undertaken by Thermohouse.”

I wouldn’t use any other system

“I found the product to be excellent and I personally feel that the ease of installation was better than other similar systems. The installer was brilliant and worked closely with us to ensure the scheme was built to our specification. Living with the scheme! The best thing we ever did even though it cost much more than we expected. The extension uses hardly any heat as underfloor heating is usually not powered up.

I walked into my 4 year olds bedroom which has been programmed to drop to 18 degrees at 4pm and at 8pm last night it was still at 19 degrees. And this morning it was still 19 degrees- zero heat loss. I have found that I am always working on the programme to ensure the temperature drops sufficiently to sleep!

The best part? Going down into the extension on an evening when it is 3 degrees outside, opening a bottle of red wine and getting cosy in front of our large screen with no draughts, no cold areas anywhere (heat recovery system) and no leaks. Would I recommend the system? I just have! I wouldn’t use any other, and if I was to build above ground I would incorporate the Thermohouse system and watch my bills drop.”

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