ICF Self-Build Portsmouth

Learn how you too could build your home better and faster than traditional methods allow.

Portsmouth Project Overview

Our client came to us with plans for a two storey + basement house, that he intended to build for his family in Portsmouth. This client, along with so many other people we talk to, have spent years battling planners to get permission to build their own home. Now he had his permission granted, he wanted to know how he could have his new home quickly and easily.

With assistance from our technical support team and on site guidance from a Thermohouse specialist installer, this client is well on his way to building his very own home.

In just 2 short days this self builder has almost completed his basement walls.

How was this possible? The speed of build was due to our ThermoWall ICF blocks. These blocks act like giant Lego. They are light, they interlock, they are quick to build and come in standard sizes.

Rapid Build System

More often than not once your planning application has been approved, the wait to get to site and the building process itself can be far longer than expected. Don’t you want to have your dream home built better and faster than standard building methods can allow?

Using our ICF all in one building system, we can enable you to build your house far quicker and more efficiently than traditional building methods – a massive 30% saving in building time vs. traditional!

Our Thermohouse Building System is formed with three main interlocking elements:

  1. ThermoWall
  2. ThermoFloor
  3. ThermoRoof

These elements combine the excellent insulating properties of EPS, with the dependable strength and durability of concrete and steel.

Get in contact with us today and find out how we can help you build your dream home better and faster.

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