Thermohouse ICF Build Dorset

Check out the reconstruction of a water tower on our site in Lyme Regis, West Dorset.

This stunning structure in Lyme Regis was designed to balance the character of the original water towers with a modern minimal aesthetic.

The building fabric not only had to be versatile to create the large cylindrical towers, it also had to compensate for the large volume of glazing to the facade. This building needed to perform to a high standard, without sacrificing its design principles.

The ICF Building Process:

Two large radii were constructed using our ICF blocks.

The curved ICF structures were joined to a central pavilion.

All external walls were braced internally.

Concrete was poured and vibrated.


The concrete floors in the cylindrical forms were built using our low energy flooring panels.

The entire structure was finally covered with passive roof panels to complete the thermal envelope.

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