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Factory Visit


After a recent trip to Ireland and our manufacturing facility, Stuart Speight had this to say:

“A recent fact finding visit to Ireland was an eye opener

We recently visited Ireland as we have been having discussions with an Irish based Timber Frame Manufacturer as part of our ongoing R&D into high performance sustainable construction.

All the companies were impressive, but not just for their products and services. It became apparent very early on how passionate and dedicated they were, and the level of pride in their achievements and companies was breathtaking. The workforce were animated and involved in every aspect of the business and the employee engagement was at the highest level I have ever witnessed.

The team spirit was something to behold and it seemed to be a cultural thing, the owners of the businesses were right in the trenches side by side with the workforce, there were no discernible ‘ivory towers’ and hidden boardrooms, it was an ethos of ‘we are all in this together’. An incredible example of this was Mike Cronin, Owner of Thermohouse (and many other associated local businesses) who has to be one of the hardest working most inspirational men I have met in a long time. (And a great accordian player too!)

It became apparent that these rurally based manufacturers were not scared to invest in their future and were continually looking to innovate and improve. The pride and enthusiasm shown at all levels was impressive and a breath of fresh air and if there was a way to bottle this I would be importing it in volume!

They have been through some appalling economic turmoils in Ireland and have come through it with determination and gusto and I feel regenerated after just a short visit to this little enclave as their enthusiasm is contagious and heartwarming.

Sometimes we seek products and services farther afield when there are very viable alternatives so close to hand, there are a lot of superb UK based manufacturers we already work with but I would certainly advocate a look over the pond at our highly motivated and dedicated neighbours.”


Stuart Speight

Construction Sector Director

IE Developments


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‘Ireland – A different business and work culture’


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