Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) Basement Block

Basement Block

Thermohouse elements facilitate the construction of basements at a competitive price.

The construction of basements through the Thermohouse system addresses many of the problems associated with traditional basement construction. Thermohouse’s standard basement form has a 200mm concrete core with retaining wall values. The Thermohouse insulating concrete formwork (ICF) basement block is 350mm wide with a 100mm external and 50mm internal insulation. The total width of the ICF basement block is 350mm.

Building a basement with Thermohouse allows for:

  • Ease of construction
  • Provision of low U-Value walls U-value 0.2
  • Elimination of retaining wall construction
  • Low cost
  • Superior Thermal insulation
  • Basement Wall
  • Two Storey Basement Construction
  • Single Storey Basement
  • Single Storey Basement Construction

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