Low energy roof system

Low energy roof system uk

Setting New Performance Standards- Thermohouse Roof System= U-Value 0.15- Meets Passive Standard

The “Passive” Thermohouse roofing panel (U value = 0.150 W/m2K) is produced from EPS and has two galvanized steel “C” sections running through its length. For traditional A-roofs, mono pitch roofs and gull wing roofs the panels span from wall plate to ridge beam. Thermoroof panels can also form curved roofs and in this case, would span from gable to gable.

The Ultimate advantage of the Thermoroof panel is that it provides a warm roof with superb airtight qualities. The Thermoroof panels are manufactured to length, to suit any particular project and require intermediate support at 4.0m centres. These panels weigh 13kgs/m2 and are a lightweight panel which can be easily installed without the need for lifting equipment.

The Thermohouse Roof System panel, part of the low energy building system, is a highly insulated panel supported by two steel C-Sections to take all design loads. Its unique structural strength, ease of installation and excellent insulation properties enables the occupier to benefit from a superior airtight system with considerable savings on energy bills!

  • U-Value of 0.15 which substantially exceeds current building regulations and also meets Passive Standard.
  • Fast, versatile and easy to install.
  • Fully insulated attic space which removes the traditional cold space and also eliminates the risk of burst pipes in the attic.
  • No roof trusses required which transforms the full attic space into an additional living area.
  • Manufactured with two steel C-Sections to take all design loads.
  • Designed to takes all types of roof covers, tiles and slates.
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