Low energy underfloor system-uk

Current building regulations require floors to have a u value of 0.15 w/m2K when installing under-floor heating. To comply with these requirements we now manufacture the Thermoboard-180. The Thermoboard product is a single high density insulation board with a u-value of 0.15, which accommodates for 16mm or 20 mm heating pipes.

Benefits of Thermoboard:

  • A reduction in the installation time for the insulation boards due to the unique overlapping and interlocking system which removes the need for taping the joints.
  • Substantial savings per square metre due to removing the requirement for polythene sheeting, track & rail fixings and/ or clips.
  • Eliminates the problems associated with cold bridging.
  • Better moisture retention in concrete screed.
  • A reduction of approx. 60% in the installation time for the under-floor heating system as is provides for a “walk in system” when laying the pipe-work along with presenting a more stable working surface during installation.
  • Can be manufacturer in thicknesses to suit customer specific requirements to a maximum thickness of 225mm which offers a u-value of 0.12.

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