Thermohouse are featured on page 56 of the new Selfbuilder + Homemaker magazine, where Thermohouse ICF was used to create a pair of semi-detached, thermally efficient homes in Surrey. See excerpt below;

“The project’s construction is unusual, with its envelope being built using ICF. Classed as a ‘modern method of construction,’ hollow expanded polystyrene (EPS) blocks are stacked on site, and reinforced with steel beams that lock them into position. Concrete is then poured into the structure, creating walls that provide high thermal performance. Thermohouse UK was selected as ICF supplier and installer, as Rik says that he “just couldn’t fault the product.” Due to the “one-stop shop” nature of the method, it wasn’t long after they arrived on site that the shell was complete, taking only eight weeks. “All we had to do was pop in the windows and get the roof up.”

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