Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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The Thermohouse low energy building system products are suitable for:

Residential builds:

  • Self-build
  • Apartments
  • Independent property developer
  • Building contractor
  • Housing Authority/scheme housing

Commercial builds:

  • Healthcare
  • Nurseries
  • Educational

Yes. Thermohouse is an innovative modern method of construction (MMC), which combines the inherent strength of concrete with the excellent insulation properties of EPS to produce a highly cost-effective, durable home with an unsurpassable living environment.

Our full building system is manufactured off-site at our Irish factory setting in Killarney, County Kerry, and comprises of interlocking walls, floor and roof modules. The complete Thermohouse building can achieve A1 -rating matched with the applicable external joinery and heat source. This modern method of construction is growing in popularity and becoming more prominent within the national and international housing market and falls within the definition framework of  MMC:

  • Pre -Manufacturing 2D Primary Structural System
  • Reduced Labour & Plant & Increased Productivity allowing Rapid Speed & Ease of Build – Which in turn reduces project costs.

The main Value Chain differences regarding MMC and traditional construction are in terms of time and labour savings, resulting in productivity increases and improved tolerances in a more controlled factory environment giving a predictable outcome in terms of building programme and energy efficiency.

The high quality of the buildings as well as the benefits associated with the Thermohouse building system have made the public become more familiar with this noteworthy building technique. When compared to more traditional building techniques, ICF stands out for its superior quality and comfort.

These factors, contribute to the rapid speed of build which allows a standard building envelope (Walls Floor & Roof)  of a pair of 3-bed semi-detached house (c100 sq metres ) to be erected in 12 days.

Where traditional methods of building have not really changed for many years, to meet the changes in Climate, our living & working habits, and our usage of energy, the adaptability of the Thermohouse building system works well alongside other energy source systems to provide a Low Energy Home.

Thermohouse offers a complete in-house tech support in respect of our products, our technical support office has industry professionals such as Structural Engineers, CAD technicians, Quantity Surveyors & Estimators to assist with your project.

Our CPD last approximately 1.5 hours and is carried out via teams call, this can be done in person for anyone within easy reach of our Slough office.

Following the seminar, we will be happy discuss any projects you may be working on at the moment, offer technical advice, arrange a meeting with a member of our technical support team, a visit to one of our active sites, or prepare a quotation for you free of charge.

You should endeavour to have the external envelope of your building as a airtight as possible, for the following reasons:

  • Reduced energy demand for heating
  • Elimination of cold draughts in living areas
  • Removed risk of moisture penetration and building damage caused by damp
  • Enhanced sound protection
  • Ability to use heat recovery ventilation systems to improve indoor air quality and comfort

No. Time, cost and quality are critical in construction. ICF delivers a solution with predictable outcomes. When you factor in that the Thermohouse Low energy building system achieves: low u-values, exceptional airtightness without membranes, and virtual elimination of cold bridging, all whilst being built at a fraction of the time and with a reduced labour/plant requirement of a traditional build – ICF becomes a very competitive method of construction.

The Thermofloor 210mm is used as a suspended floor. This achieves a U-Value of 0.20 however when used with the required inserts the U-Value achieved is 0.16

This depends on the thickness of wall block you decide to use. Please see the table below;

250mm x 1200mm x 250mm Internal Load Bearing 0.225
300mm x 1200mm x 250mm Internal Party Wall 0.224
300mm x 1200mm x 250mm Standard wall block 0.20
350mm x 1200mm x 250mm Passive Standard 0.15
400mm Passive Gold 0.12
450mm Passive Platinum 0.10
Basement Block
350mm x 1200mm x 250mm Standard basement block 0.20
400mm x 1200mm x 250mm Passive Basement Block 0.15

The roof panel has a U-Value of 0.15W/M2K

ICF systems such as Thermohouse are much faster to erect than traditional building methods, allowing other areas of construction to commence earlier, reducing the overall project programme. ICF provides all the strength and durability of traditional reinforced concrete structures, whilst being fully wrapped in insulation. ICF systems can cater to any design, or finish desired, whether traditional or contemporary. ICF walls are incredibly airtight, dramatically increasing the energy performance of the building by providing year-round comfort without any fluctuations in temperature.

The roof panel is made to order as per design requirements and will free span 4.0m fixed to wall plate and ridge on chamfered timber beams. Longer lengths of panels up to 10.0m max will require support purlins every 4.0m. Any steel supports required will need to be capped with a chamfered timber to suit as per our technical guide. For roofs requiring longer length than 10.0m, these can be manufactured in 2 parts and can be joined at the intermediate purlin.

The system works with any type of foundation you choose to use. The only variance would be the amount of ICF product required.

Yes we offer an install service. We do not do a turnkey solution. We would come into a project when the foundation is in place and then construct the deadwork section of the build at which point the build is handed back over to the client for ground slab etc. Thermohouse will then erect the full structure and once complete, we then will hand back the build to you for all internal and external finishes.

We may have some installers in your area, who have used this product or have been trained by ourselves to do so. This can be discussed in detail when you contact us

The Thermohouse ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) are modular wall blocks composed of 2 leaves of insulation, designed to combat interstitial Condensation, these are joined together with steel inserts. The hollow blocks have interlocking surfaces, allowing them to be stacked. Once erected, the ICF block wall acts a permanent shuttering kit for the concrete which is poured within the cavity space, insulating the concrete on both sides. Due to their lightweight and stack-able nature, ICF is much quicker to build than traditional methods, yet deliver incredibly airtight concrete structures.

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