Achieving Passive House

The passive house is the ultimate low energy designed building and is recognized worldwide as the most progressive in terms of energy performance. The passive house offers one of the most economical solutions for comfortable, healthy indoor living and working environments, providing occupiers with all year round warmth without the use of primary heating or cooling systems.

The thermohouse solution

The Thermohouse energy efficient building components contribute to achieving the Passive House Standard.

Customer Testimonials

I can safely say that THERMOHOUSE is the BEST company that I have used.

As a company, we’re not new to Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF). We’ve used other brands in the past and done a lot of research into ICF. With that in mind, I not only found the product great, but the team of installers and management made my day to day life a lot less stressful than it could have been. Aside from the product itself, I also found the build time and minimal disruption to the neighbours a massive benefit. I look forward to working with Thermohouse again soon.

Stephen Atkins, Project Manager, Clifford Atkins, Edgeware Road, London, United Kingdom.

“The most positive thing about using Thermohouse is the Speed of building erection and precision of overall installation with no vertical or horizontal distortion that is sometimes a symptom of other EPS products.

Thermohouse has great ease of production methodology, is time and cost saving with a single source supply and install for all three elements. It took less time detailing the various construction elements”.

Andrew Wakling, Watford Road Apartments

“The construction is fairly straight forward with Thermohouse providing materials and labour. We like the structure of the block but the selling point was that Thermohouse supply and build. The construction is fairly straight forward with Thermohouse providing materials and labour. Speed sustainability and sales price were among some of the goals we were trying to achieve. Traditional build is very noisy, dirty and slow whilst ICF is quiet clean and fast. It allows you to get to lock up quicker and start to work inside. Traditional is the opposite. The end product was good so this can only help our reputation. Also, speed is key to cash flow”.

Robbie Ross & Chris Tomlin, Toro Property

System Overview

Discover the better way to build

The Thermohouse Low Energy Building System consists of components including Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) Walls and energy efficient floor and roof systems. These components, combined with the strength of concrete and the thermal benefits of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), provide a strong, durable, airtight building with the flexibility to meet most building situations. The use of this system will enable the occupier not only to benefit from the low energy requirement but also to enjoy the superior indoor air quality and living environment.

Why choose Thermohouse?

The Benefits


Thermohouse – The complete energy efficient building system