Thermohouse – ABC 10 Year Structural Warranty

About the warranty

Building a custom home should be a dream come true, with every element created to your exact requirements. However, there’s always the risk that latent structural defects could disrupt your self-build dream, no matter how careful you or your contractors try to be.

That’s where a Self-Build Warranty comes in, offering long-term financial protection against the cost of repairing structural failures. This kind of Self-Build Latent Defects Insurance can also encourage lenders that providing funds for your project isn’t too risky of an investment.

There are many unique challenges involved with self-build homes, especially if planning permissions and building practices are all-new territory for you. Why leave yourself open to significant financial losses when you could purchase peace of mind with a Self-Build Structural Warranty?


ABC – CML 6-Year Professional Consultants Certificate


  • Our 6-Year Professional Consultants Certificate can be upgraded to a 10-Year Warranty at any point.
  • Our ABC+ is mortgage lender-approved and detailed in the CML handbook for mortgage lending purposes.
  • Our Consumer Code is approved by the Trading Standards Institute (TSI).
  • ABC+ Warranty is insured by Casualty & General Insurance Company Europe Limited (CGICE) who only reinsures with A-rated insurers.
  • There are no: holding bonds required/ no renewal fees and no membership fees.
  • You will have full access to your survey reports.
  • We are the only Warranty provider in the UK to be a fully registered RICS firm.
  • All of our clients are further protected by premiums paid by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).
*All information on this page provided by: May 2023.