East London

Executive Summary

Andrew Wakeling is a shrewd project manager and architect who takes his business activity very seriously and so is extremely successful. Prior to discovering Thermohouse Ltd’s products Andrew often opted for other ICF companies when specifying projects.


Unfortunately for Andrew, he found when using these other ICF construction companies for his products, that they provided very limited construction depth. These companies do not provide the full package that provides a fully integrated system including the floor and roofing system. It was important to him that all elements of the building including walls, floor and roof were incorporated.

How Thermohouse Helped

For the East London development, Thermohouse Ltd provided great assistance to overcome these challenges. Thermohouse provided a fully integrated system from basement to roof. Using these products meant Andrew took far less time detailing the various construction elements as it was a single source order.

The building programme for the ICF element was a mere 4 months, with work beginning in mid-May 2015 and completed by mid-September 2015. In addition, the building passed the performance requirements of Approved Document E by a considerable margin, despite the apartment block facing the busy A13 Road.

Watford Road Apartments

Watford Road Apartments consist of four 2-storey apartments, four single-storey apartments and a penthouse. These are all on the ground to third floor and reside over a large 3000 sq ft. basement.

Location: Canning Town, West Ham, Newham, East London
Building Type: Apartment block – 4 storeys over basement
Size: 12,500 sq ft
System Components: thermowall thermoroof thermofloor

“It’s as near to perfection as you can get… One of the few on the market that provides a full integrated solution and has robust construction to prevent ‘bursting’ during fill.

The most positive thing about using Thermohouse is the Speed of building erection and precision of overall installation with no vertical or horizontal distortion that is sometimes a symptom of other EPS products. Thermohouse has great ease of production methodology, is time and cost saving with a single source supply and install for all three elements. It took less time detailing the various construction elements”.

Andrew Wakeling, Architect/Project Manager, Award Projects Ltd