LIVE: Holywell House

Executive Summary

This Individual dwelling is located in Woking, Surrey featuring a basement / Ground floor / 1st floor and a 2nd floor mansard.

The building has impressive open spaces with a kitchen at ground floor and no 1st floor slab on top so there is achievement of full height to roof level (7m). The design also boasts a bedroom over the plant room which has a lower slab level with only 3 steps.

The street facing part of the house has a more traditional design but at the 1st floor level there is modern architecture with full height (7m atrium type windows). Property has a separate building for a 3 car garage with a studio on top of it for any guests.


The Client wanted full size brick slips on façade, without any cuts, meaning it wasn’t possible to build to our increments. We needed to cut everything to the exact mm’ specified. One example is we had measurements such as 1367mm ( for a wall) and we had to respect this measurement which proved more difficult and demanding than usual but we were very capable of achieving these requirements.

Location: Woking, Surrey, UK
Building Type: Individual dwelling
Size: 650 m2
System Components: thermowall thermoroof thermofloor  thermoboard