Primrose Cottage – Woking

Executive Summary

Primrose Cottage is located in Woking, Surrey built using the Thermohouse ICF building system. The ground floor has an area of about 350 sqm.

Our client chose our complete low energy building system as part of of an overall high tech property. A ground heat source pump, MVHR system, a battery for storing energy and solar panels were added in addition to our building system. This house will be using artificial intelligence technology which learns the house owners energy needs, while using energy from the grid at night to take advantage of lower energy tariffs which also stores energy in the batteries for use during the day.

How Thermohouse Helped

Thermohouse UK use a team of experts and specialised installers for this rapid build project. Our technical team are available throughout the process to offer any guidance that is required, ensuring a streamlined building process.

Thermohouse built this low energy building in less than 10 weeks, taking advantage of our rapid build system. For this project we used our Thermoboard system over  ground floor raft (170sqm) , our Thermofloor panels for 1st floor slab and flat roof for the house (in total 350 sqm) and our team built 340 sqm of external walls with the 300mm Thermowall blocks with 110 sqm of internal walls using our 250mm Thermowall block.



Engineer: Gurney Consulting engineers Woking


Architect: David Brazier for OSP Architecture Farnham


Building Contractor: Thermohouse UK Ltd.

Location: Woking, Surrey, UK
Building Type: 2 storey house
Size: 350 m2
System Components: thermowall thermoroof thermofloor