Executive Summary

This large ICF house is located in Seal, an idyllic green belt area in Kent. The design of this new build is derived from the traditional barn style. Whilst the house is undoubtedly modern, the design is anchored in its vernacular environment by the adjoining historic brick garden wall.


This new build, composed of a large two storey over partial basement, would have a total floor area of approx. 460m2. The structure was envisioned to support a substantial number of significantly sized, glazed openings on both ground and first floor levels and with some extending into the roof. Central to the proposal was a large open plan living space, that was designed around an impressive, bright, eye catching central atrium, which houses the staircase and rises approx. thirteen meters from the basement to the roof line.

How Thermohouse Helped

Thermohouse’s insulated wall blocks were engineered to support the weight of the glazing with a suitable size and quantity of steel rebar and concrete within the formwork walls. The external and internal ICF were built to ceiling height and joined together with steel and concrete to form a strong structure able to support the weight of the open plan floors (low energy ThermoFloor) and roof (low energy ThermoRoof) around the large central atrium.

Selencky Parsons

Dynamic architecture and design studio based in South East London. Creating practical and coherent spaces with the power to delight.

Location: Seal, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK
Building Type: 2 Storey house + basement
Size: 470 m2
System Components: thermowall thermoroof thermofloor