Twynham Road, Maidenhead

Executive Summary

This stunning property on Twynham Road is located in Maidenhead and is a 1 storey detached house with a habitable loft house built using Thermohouse ICF.

The ground floor/first floor has an area of 320 sq/m.


How Thermohouse Helped

Thermohouse UK used a team of experts and specialised installers for this rapid build project.

Our technical team were available throughout the process to offer any guidance that is required, ensuring a streamlined building process.

We built a highly efficient thermal house shell in 12 weeks.

210 sqm of external walls were built using our 350 mm external blocks.

110 sqm of internal load bearing walls were built using our internal 250mm blocks

270 sqm of our Thermoroof panels were used acting as the slopped roof.


Structural Engineer: Kieran Walker BEng(Hons) IEng AMIStructE for Empance Civil and Structural Engineers, Bradford

Architect: (client)

Building Contractor: Thermohouse UK Ltd

Location: Twynham Road, Maidenhead
Building Type: Detached house
Size: 320 sq/m 
System Components: thermowall thermoroof