UK Future Homes Standard – The Thermohouse Solution

What is the UK Future Homes Standard?

The UK has to reach net-zero carbon goals by 2050, therefore it is very important that new homes achieve greater carbon neutrality. The UK government has announced a Future Homes Standard which is taking effect in England from 2025. This will be a key part of the construction industries framework going forward. The target is to reduce carbon emissions by minimum of 75% when comparing with existing levels. The Future Homes Standard will update Part L of the Building Regulations for new homes in England.

We welcome the fabric first approach with Modern methods of construction such as ICF, having been shown to reliably meet these requirements and is worth considering as developers & self builders plan for how they will meet these requirements.

In the meantime, a stepping stone towards the introduction of these standards will be an interim uplift in regulations for new dwellings from 15 June 2022 which includes uplifts to Part L (fuel and power) and Part F (ventilation), coming into force in England. This aims to aims to lower carbon emissions from new build homes by 30% compared to current standards. You can view the minimum standards & how Thermohouse compares further down in the U-value table.

In 2023 a full technical consultation for the Future Buildings Standard of 2025 will begin before it’s introduction & implementation.

The Thermohouse complete low energy building system is ready  to meet & exceed these new standards, & is able to achieve a high thermal performance which can be up to Passivhaus standard if required.

PHASE 1 Tasks
December 2021 Interim Part L, Part F and Overheating Regulations made for domestic and non-domestic buildings.
June 2022 Interim Part L, Part F and Overheating Regulations come into effect − Developers must submit building notice / initial notice or deposit plans by June 2022 and begin work on individual units by June 2023 for transitional arrangements to apply
PHASE 2 Technical work
Ongoing Industry engagement, including through BRAC and technical working groups
Autumn 2021 – Summer 2022 Research and analysis to develop proposed technical specification
Summer 2022 – Summer 2024 Develop sector-specific guidance and embed understanding of the technical specification of the Future Homes & Buildings Standard
PHASE 3 Consultation
Spring 2023 Technical consultation on the proposed specification for the Future Homes Standard
PHASE 4 Full Future Homes Standard 
2024 Part L FHS Regulations published
2025 Part L FHS / FBS Regulations come into effect

What is the Thermohouse Future Homes Standard Solution?


Thermohouse – The complete energy efficient building system

At Thermohouse, we manufacture, supply and install a building solution which is Part L 2022 compliant.

The Thermohouse UK Future Homes Standard solution is a complete energy efficient building envelope, featuring superior airtightness, high levels of insulation and minimal thermal bridging.

The Thermohouse Solution comprises of 4 components which  interlock to form a complete structure:

  1. Thermowall
  2. Thermofloor
  3. Thermoroof
  4. Thermoboard

In addition, our A-rated houses use far less energy than traditional builds, increasing comfort and lowering energy bills! Average Energy Usage: 35kWh/m²/yr

“Approximately 85% of the environmental impact of a building is related to energy consumption in the building’s occupation phase, mainly from the heating and cooling needs of the building user. Therefore, one of the most important environmental aspects of any insulation material is its thermal performance throughout the lifetime of the building.”


  • Complete Building System – made in Ireland. The Thermohouse building system is manufactured in our facility in Killarney, Co. Kerry. Comprising interlocking walls, floors and roof modules, our building system delivers high quality concrete-build homes, fully enveloped in insulation.
  • Rapid Build – up to 60% faster. Using only premium high-quality materials we are able to deliver A-rated eco homes up to 60% faster than traditional methods of construction.
    The modular nature of our system reduces the labour requirements and streamlines the building process.
  • 60 year system – Design Life. These future-proof homes benefit from a minimum 60-year system design life. Once constructed, our concrete building system forms a monolithic reinforced concrete structure, fully wrapped in insulation, which is extremely airtight and free from any cold bridging.
  • Design Versatility. Our eco buildings can be designed and finished to any desired aesthetic. Curved or rectangular, timber cladding or brick – Whatever you imagine your dream home to be, with Thermohouse it is achievable.


Superior Airtightness

Interlocking Thermoroof panels prevent air leakage through the roof

Thermowall and Thermofloor modules are designed to interlock to form the monolithic concrete structure which is fully wrapped in insulation

Thermowall window reveal blocks seal windows to the structure

Monolithic concrete structure prevents air leakage you would typically see through masonry joints in traditional construction

Minimal Thermal Bridging

Our building system has been designed to avoid excessive heat loss and condensation issues.

As the system’s insulated components interlock there is a continuity of insulation which wraps the entire monolithic concrete structure, preventing thermal bridging at key junctions.

The U-Values achieved by the Thermohouse System

All of our system’s components exceed the U-values stipulated in the latest version of the building regulations. We can offer an “A” rated envelope using our 350mm standard walling system.

Component Part L 2022 requirement Thermohouse Range
Walls 0.26 W/m²K 0.20 – 0.10 W/m²K
Ground Floor 0.18 W/m²K 0.16 W/m²K
Roof 0.16 W/m²K 0.15 W/m²K
Airtightness <5 m3/hr/m2 <1m3/hr/m2
The Above U-Values are an indication of what can be achieved using our products, What is quoted will be based on customers individual requirements, to suit their project.
Utilising this system, you will receive an energy efficient building, while also reducing you carbon footprint.

We can also achieve Passive House standard with our Gold and Platinum Passive ICF wall blocks.

The Thermohouse System – Saves money and the Environment.

How is Thermohouse Constructed?

Our walls, floor and roof components can be used individually, or, combined to form an airtight thermal envelope.
The full system forms a monolithic concrete structure, fully wrapped in insulation, which is extremely airtight and free from any cold bridging.

These eco buildings can be designed and finished to any desired aesthetic. Curved or rectangular, timber cladding or brick – Whatever you imagine your dream home to be, with Thermohouse it is achievable.