The Bathroom


This is an image of the bathroom


In part two of this series, we will advise on the other room in the home that adds the most value. It may come as a surprise, but the bathroom is incredibly important when looking to increase the value of your home and as with kitchens, is one of the most used rooms.  An outdated, worn down bathroom can reduce the value of your home significantly. Take a look at our guide to see how you can add value to your bathroom.


Bathroom Style


1) Grout


It is wise to invest in high quality grout from the beginning. 76% of property specialists say good quality tiles with good grouting add value to a bathroom and property more than anything else. Surprising as it may sound, good quality grout prevents problems down the line, such as dirt and cracks, which would result in having to strip the tiles and start again. Further, if a good scrub doesn’t get rid of dirt in the grout, it may be time to replace it.


This is an image of white grout in a bathroom

White Grout

2) Tile Design


Tile design is incredibly important in creating value in the bathroom. It is important to create a visually appealing space, but you do not have to splash out on expensive tiles. The tile design should be tailored specifically to the size of the bathroom. Using a large amount of small squares will make a small bathroom look even smaller and almost suffocating. Using a neutral colour medium sized tile gives a spacious feel to smaller bathrooms. Layering white floor and wall tiles also gives the illusion of a more spacious bathroom. For larger bathrooms, the tile options are endless and can be as minimal or extravagant as you desire. Typically porcelain white is the safest way to add value to the bathroom, however you should judge the space. Sometimes a more extravagant style will fit in better with the rest of the house.


This is an image of tile design in the bathroom

Tile design

3) Shower


Consider investing in an electric or power shower to add value to the bathroom, as this was voted the second best way to add value to your property. This would be attractive for potential buyers if looking to sell your house, or for yourself to get the most out of your bathroom.


This is an image of a power shower

Power shower

4) Bathtub

One of the best ways to create an eye catching bathroom is through the bathtub. This can almost act as a centrepiece for the room and can really accentuate whatever style you choose for your bathroom. There is an endless supply of bathtub styles and typically the biggest statement is made through its shape. For classic bathroom styles, a curved bathtub is ideal. For more modern bathrooms, clean sharp lines make the best statement.


This is an image of a luxury bathtub in the bathroom

Bathtub as Centrepiece

Maximising Space


If your bathroom is smaller, follow these tips to maximise the space!


  • As with the kitchen, deep drawers and vertical storage can be a huge help. Just make sure to keep clutter out as this will create a ‘busy’ look and make the bathroom seem even smaller.


  • Using a glass door/screen rather than a shower curtain will create the illusion of a larger bathroom, as shower curtains can take up visual space.


  • Floating sinks keep the floor area clear and spacious and provide more room to move around, creating the feeling of a more spacious bathroom.


  • Where possible, the door should swing out of the bathroom to save floor space. This is a small change but allows you to utilise all the space in the bathroom without having to keep it clear for the door.


  • Pick a colour palette and stick to it. Usually porcelain white is the safest option for smaller bathrooms, as again, white does not take up visual space. Keep it simple and don’t overcrowd the bathroom with colour.


  • Mirrors have a great way of tricking the eye into thinking a space is larger. A large mirror will make the bathroom appear much larger.