The Garden


Typically, adding value to an area in the house requires a certain amount of idealism. It is important to paint a picture of what it will be like to live in the home. When it comes to a garden, this can be achieved through something as simple as maintenance works.



Essential Maintenance


Essential maintenance is one of the quickest ways to boost the value of your home and garden. This can be as simple as tidying up your garden, pulling weeds and cutting the grass. This may seem basic, but maintaining your garden and keeping it tidy before you begin will make it easier to see what has to be done, as well as improving the appearance.


This is an image of garden maintenance

Garden Maintenance



Making clever use of colour will ensure your garden always looks amazing. Planting flowers that bloom in different seasons will ensure that you garden never looks dull or bare. Use colourful flowers to add value to your garden without spending a lot of money. Placement of flowers is the most important thing here. Place them where you will see them first, like near the front door or in the driveway, as this will give the illusion of a full garden.


This is an image of flowers in the garden

Flowers in the garden

Unique Features


Having a unique feature in the garden can really add value. This should vary depending on the people living in the house, for example if you have small children a treehouse can really boost the value. For couples, an outdoor dining/drinks area can really make a difference.


This is an image of a garden treehouse

Tree House



A coat of paint can give new life to garden furniture and fences. Brighten up your garden and keep it looking new with a new coat of paint. Consider brighter colours such as white to keep it looking fresh and clean.


This is an image of white fencing in a garden

White fencing



Consider investing in a good patio to add value to your garden. This is one of the first things looked for by developers. As well as looking good, it provides an outdoor space for entertaining guests and hosting summer parties.


This is an image of a garden patio

Garden Patio



Adding garden furniture in the summer months creates a great atmosphere. The furniture should vary depending on the size of the garden. For example if there is limited space, a bench or two seats will give a nice effect.



This is an image of Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture