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Solar PV Panels

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panels



What are they?


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels are essentially panels installed to the roof of your house that convert daylight into electricity.



How do they work?


PV materials are semiconductor materials meaning when they are exposed to light, they convert it to electricity.

These PV materials generate electricity when light is shone on them, however the amount of electricity generated by one cell is small so they are assembled together to form a solar panel. A domestic house typically uses anywhere from 5 to 20 solar panels, while commercial buildings can take much more.

South facing solar panels typically generate the most electricity, however south-east facing solar panels perform well too.




  • An average sized solar PV system generates around 40% of the annual electricity typically required by an Irish home. This has the ability to boost your BER energy rating by at least one (e.g. from A2 to A1).
  • Solar PV panels are durable and do not require any maintenance, with a guaranteed 25 year lifespan.
  • They can further cut your energy bills by anywhere from €200 to €800 per year. This is a huge saving over time.
  • Solar PV panels do not need direct sunlight to function and can still work on cloudy days in Ireland, though not at full capacity.
  • Solar PV panels are beneficial to the environment and reduce your carbon footprint massively by cutting down the need for fossil fuels.


Solar PV panels compliment Thermohouse buildings well as they maximise the energy efficiency levels to really make an impact, with reduced energy bills forever. To learn more about the Thermohouse System click here