This is an image of an ICF house in Cobham

3D model of the house


Location: Cobham, Surrey
Building Type: 3 storey house + basement + swimming pool
Size: 1100m2
System Components: thermowall thermoboard thermoroof thermofloor


Progress So Far

Take a look at one of our current building projects in Cobham. Construction commenced on this site last month in April and the swimming pool has already been built using our Thermowall ICF blocks. Currently the site is being prepared for basement construction. Our ICF system is suitable for a range of building styles with varying needs, as demonstrated here.

Stay tuned here for more project updates!


Project Designer

This house was designed by Arc8 Projects. Arc8 is an Architectural Design and Project Management Consultancy based in London.

Currently involved in 6 projects with Thermohouse, Richard has in depth knowledge and experience building with the Thermohouse System. See another Thermohouse Arc8 project here.