Robbie and Chris have built up an excellent knowledge of the property market and are experts in developing and investing in properties. Toro property concentrates specifically on the development and design of residential properties. Particularly in peak London locations such as Richmond. Profit occurs by buying buildings and sites in these prestigious locations and by creating and adding more value to the dwelling.


Both Robbie and Chris agree that speed of construction is an extremely influential and valuable factor for increasing profitability. They also acknowledge that it is critical that the building is sustainable in order that it has an excellent end sale price. It is economically sound to create a sustainable home as it is what the market is craving at the moment.

How Thermohouse Helped

“There is a desire for sustainable homes in the premium market and we believed that this would add a premium on the sale price and help speed up sale time. Which it did both.  My favourite feature is the speed and the solid feel.  The most positive experience I have had using the system is the speed, costs and clean site.  We also had a very good construction team.  [The house in Richmond] was built on time and it sold fast.  I would most definitely recommend it to others because of the speed, sustainability, clean site but most importantly… supply and build”. – Robbie Ross, Toro Property Ltd.

Developer: Toro Property


Based in London, Robbie Ross and Chris Tomlin of Toro Property have over 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial property development and investment.

Architect: DNA Architecture Ltd.


Established in 2003, DNA Architecture is a small practice based in South-West London specialising in all scales of residential work

Location: Richmond
Size: 285 m2
System Components: thermowall thermofloor thermoroof thermoboard

“The construction is fairly straight forward with Thermohouse providing materials and labour. We like the structure of the block but the selling point was that Thermohouse supply and build. The construction is fairly straight forward with Thermohouse providing materials and labour. Speed sustainability and sales price were among some of the goals we were trying to achieve. Traditional build is very noisy, dirty and slow whilst ICF is quiet clean and fast. It allows you to get to lock up quicker and start to work inside. Traditional is the opposite. The end product was good so this can only help our reputation. Also, speed is key to cash flow”.

Robbie Ross & Chris Tomlin, Toro Property