Thermohouse Complete Low energy building system Installer training days

The Thermohouse Low Energy Building System

We invite you to attend a training day to discuss the Thermohouse ICF low energy building system and its uses for the energy efficient construction of new buildings. We will provide you with an overview of our system, our product value and the future potential of this form of construction in the UK.

Topics Covered in training

We will examine:

  • Introducing our system
  • Building Regulations & U-Values
  • Thermohouse products
  • Getting started
  • Basements
  • Thermowall
  • Thermofloor
  • Thermoroof
  • Thermoboard
  • Electrical and plumbing
  • Finishes
  • Certification & testing
  • Q&A

The Details

Our training days take place periodically during the year and will take place both in our UK office in Slough. They will last for a full day and refreshments will be provided. The training day is free of charge.

Following the training, we will be happy discuss any projects you may be working on at the moment, offer technical advice, arrange a meeting with a member of our technical support team, a visit to one of our active sites, or prepare a quotation for you free of charge.

We encourage you to bring your live projects plans with you, if you would like to discuss any specific installation methods on the day.

Site Visit – To be Confirmed

If we can arrange access for a site visit the day before, I will message you separately with further information.

The purpose of this visit is to View the Propping system, blocks, floors etc during construction phase.

(Please note that live sites will vary on what stage it is at and what may be viewed)

Please wear your own suitable site safety footwear on site, we will provide hi-vis during your visit