Our Residential Projects

What is the benefit of using the Thermohouse building system on residential builds?

The Thermohouse low energy building system is extremely advantageous to residential developments both through the simplification and speed of the building process, and reduced maintenance over the life span of the building.

The lightweight nature of the system’s components means they are extremely quick and easy to assemble. This makes the construction time far shorter and reduces complications on site.

Thermohouse can provide a developer with a residential property that can compete with the ambitious and challenging demands of the premium market. As the construction industry develops consumers are concerned with getting the most value possible and take resale into serious consideration. The Thermohouse system makes a house extremely sustainable and energy efficient. The premium, high levels of insulation in a Thermohouse means that our homes maintain a constant temperature of 18 °C. Eliminating the need for costly primary heating systems.

Traditionally, when building a house, the weather can cause complexities, often interrupting the construction process. This is not a problem with the Thermohouse System as it can be built rapidly and in any weather conditions, including very cold and very wet weather.

Our residential homes are structurally sound and offer outstanding long-term value. Due to their concrete core they are extremely solid and robust. The entire Thermohouse system is fully certified and approved up to 6 storeys. Not only is our building fabric fire resistant, but we offer a 60-year structural guarantee.

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